Systemic Coaching

We all live in a more or less dense network of relationships. In doing so, we constantly influence the environment in which we live and what happens in the environment directly affects ourselves and our live as well. Systemic coaching always takes these complex relationships and interactions into account to make sure that sustainable solutions can be achieved.

What is the goal of coaching?

Systemic coaching activates the resources you need to manage crises and increase your well-being. By changing and expanding your perspective, we increase your flexibility and your options for action in difficult situations.

Coaching Topics:

Systemic coaching is a great way to find consistent solutions to a wide variety of challenges. In difficult life situations in which one does not yet know how to proceed further, new solutions are opened up.

Occupational and private change and reorientation are suitable coaching topics as well as self-esteem and self-confidence, dealing with stress and the prevention of burnout, family and partnership, life balance, high standards of perfection, setting limits ... and many other topics of life and personal development.

We ask the questions that bring the focus away from the problem towards solutions. To your own, individual solutions. Coaching is always help for self-help!

Various methods from systemic coaching, mental training, NLP as well as systemic constellations (on the system board) and hypnosis are used very flexibly.

Do you need more motivation to achieve important goals? Coaching can help you overcome a lack of motivation and significantly increase your motivation. Many outstanding sporting achievements would be unthinkable without sports mental training and sports coaching.

This is what my clients say: References!

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„We cannot see our reflection in running water. It is only in still water that we can see.”  Tao saying

Is your challenge predominantly of professional nature or do you find it increasingly difficult to combine your professional and private life? Then you will find more information here - ​​business coaching.

If a personal meeting is not possible, online coaching appointments and telephone coaching may be suitable options.

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